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Self consumption

On 25 October 2019, the decree law no. 162/2019 was published which reorganises the self consumption of renewable energy by law and repeals the decree law no. 153/2014 of October 20, 2014, on decentralized electricity generation, which previously included production units for self consumption (UPAC) and small grid-feeding units (UPP).
The installations generating electricity from renewable energies for self consumption, which were in operational on 1 January 2020, are now subject to the new legal regulation.

What is meant by self consumption and who can exercise the activity of self consumption?

Self consumption is the consumption provided by electrical energy produced by production units for self consumption (UPAC) and used by one or more self-consumers of renewable energy.
The activity of self consumption can be carried out by individual self-consumers, collective self-consumers and communities for renewable energy (CER) with the help of the UPAC
The self consumer has the right to produce electricity for self consumption in one or more UPACs connected to one or more consumption units (IUs) and to store and trade the surplus electricity production. Surplus energy from self consumption can be traded on an organized or bilateral market, by the market participant or by the market intermediary.
The UPAC is primarily intended to cover the own electricity consumption and may be owned or managed by third parties.

Overview of the process

Find here the structure of the whole process that the future self-producer will have to go through in a simple and clear way.

Process overview

Self-consumption in brief

Discover the main advantages of the new legal regime for self-consumption in this practical summary.



For the self-consumption of renewable energy DL no. 162/2019 of 25/10/2019 was published (portuguese).

Legal text

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Ask for a quote!

Whether at home, in a community or at a company, as an individual self-consumer, part of a collective self-consumption or member of a renewable energy community (CER), consume, store, share and sell electricity from renewable resources. By filling out our practical self-consumption form you can send us the relevant data for your quote in a simple and convenient way. You can also use our other contacts. We are always willing to advise you!

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