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Detailed description:

WeCo is an Italy-based company that provides installation and maintenance services for lithium energy storage systems worldwide. WeCo battery modules have a capacity of 5.3 kWh and are stackable up to a cluster of 5 (LV) or 8 (HV) modules with a capacity of 22 kWh and 41 kWh respectively. These clusters can be reconnected in parallel for higher capacities. With the additional option of expanding the container size up to a capacity of 2.7 MWh, WeCo offers a wide range of applications, from single-family homes to medium-sized businesses to large industrial applications. These lithium battery systems are easy to install (plug and play), are compatible with many international inverter manufacturers. In addition, WeCo has developed one of the most advanced BMS (Battery management system) with active and passive equalizer with real-time control in each cell.


Model: 5K3

Technical data
  • Energy storage system for self-consumption or in autonomous systems. 5K3 LV/HV is the most advanced Lithium Module for home and industrial energy storage systems.

    Energy content: 5.3 kWh
    Rated Voltage: 52 V
    Cell Type: Lithium iron phosphate (LFP)
    Max Cycles Expected at STC: >7000

    HV Mode: Max 16 Modules in Series with Single HV Box = One HV Cluster
    LV Mode: Max 8 Modules in Parallel without WeHub = One LV Cluster

    Cluster Net Capacity: Max 144 Modules per HV System / Max 100 Modules per LV System

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