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FF Solar - Energias Renováveis, Lda.

Who we are and what we do

We are a multidisciplinary team with training and advanced knowledge in the field of renewable energies. In Portugal since 1989, our high competence and experience allow us to find the perfect solution to meet the individual needs of our resellers and customers.

Our mission is to make available to the community innumerable possibilities for use of renewable energies instead of fossil fuels.

We provide complete solutions for stand-alone systems, ideal at locations without public grid or for your motorhome or boat. We design and install self consumption systems for the predominate power consumption in the consumer installation. We also offer solar powered water pumping systems, perfectly adapted to your needs.
In the services menu you can find the solutions we have for you.

Beyond the activities of design, installation and maintenance, we are major importers and distributors of components for renewable energy systems, serving many dealers and installers spread across the country.

We received the awards of PME Líder and PME Excelência, enhancing and highlighting the important position we have in the Portuguese market in the renewable energy sector.


We design stand-alone, self consumption and solar pump systems.


In addition to system design and planning we also install.


We can do the maintenance of our installations, so that you can look unconcerned into the future.


We import, sell and install high quality renewable energy systems components.

Our values

We believe in what we do. We believe that we can all contribute to reduce CO2 emissions, responsible for global warming and consequent climate change, which are currently a worldwide major concern.

We believe in the importance of technological progress, which makes the use of fossil fuels unnecessary. The price fluctuations of fossil fuels and the increasing dependence of its producers, is a threat to energy security. We are convinced that in the future this threat can be overcome with more incentive to development and a greater focus on renewable energy.

We believe that a sustainable future will be achieved by the gradual replacement of fossil fuels by renewable energy, which leads to a wider distribution of green ecological and economic power systems. We want to be part of this paradigm shift contributing as best as we can. We want you to be on our side, with the same determination and enthusiasm for the success of our mission.


Using renewable energy reduces CO2 emissions, which are responsible for climate change.


The use of renewable energy makes us more independent of fossil fuel prices and producers.


The renewable energy sector creates more jobs than the conventional energy sector.


We are sure that the planet sustainable future is achieved only through the use of renewable energy.

Why should you trust in FF SOLAR?

Because we are looking for perfect individual solutions for each customer for more than 35 years, always with the rigorous approach for which we are known. Our huge experience is an important aspect in our favour in most of the implemented projects.

Because the customer is at the centre of our philosophy. We are known for good customer service, because your satisfaction is our top priority. Whether in matters relating to planning, implementation and after-sales service, we are always available to clarify any doubts. The involvement of our customers in every phase of the project is an objective to fulfil.

Because we only use the best components in our renewable energy systems. We require from our suppliers the same quality standards that we demand of ourselves, so that we can assure maximum quality in the designed installations. We work with many manufacturers, preferably from the European or North American market.

Because despite the high quality of design that we provide, we can offer a fair price to our customers for both installation and maintenance of their projects.

Because we work every day with the goal to make more and better. The perfect combination of experience, customer satisfaction, quality and price makes us your ideal partner for all renewable energy matters.


More than 35 years of experience in the Portuguese market are a strong guarantee for our customers.


A close and trusting relationship with our customers is an important aspect of our philosophy.

High quality

We work only with the best products of internationally recognized manufacturers.

Attractive prices

Even for the high quality that we guarantee, we always offer a fair price.